Couple looks to the future


ROB Bizant says he and his wife Tracie are doing 'the best they can' to rebuild their lives.

Almost one month after a fire burnt the Pinnacles' home north of Grafton to the ground, the couple is planning to move back onto the property into a shed.

Mr and Mrs Bizant, who currently are minding a friend's house in Grafton, hope to see their new temporary home built by next weekend.

The Bizants' positive step forward after losing their entire home and property in the Australia Day fire, has been propelled along with help from the community.

The Clarence Valley Council is considering waiving the Bizants' development application fees for the construction of the shed. The amount of the donation will depend on the cost of the shed. If its value does not exceed $12,000, the donation will be $304. If it does, then the value of the donation will be $730.

Mr Bizant yesterday issued a hearty thank you to the Clarence community and the Grafton Lions Club, which has set up an appeal at the National Bank.

Although not quite back on their feet, they were definitely getting there.

"We're battling on, it's all going as good as to be expected but it is still pretty hard," he said.

"We walked out of there that day with one set of clothes on, that night we had to go and buy toothbrushes."

Mr Bizant, who works in the building industry, is not expecting the construction of the new home to start until next year.

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