Curtains for eisteddfod?


THE Lower Clarence Dance Eisteddfod is a cultural highlight for the Clarence Vally which attracts hundreds of performers from as far away as Coffs Harbour and Brisbane every year.

It gives singers and dancers an outlet for their creative talents.

But that could be about to change.

Eisteddfod committee president Hariet Woodrow said the event was in danger of folding if new people were not prepared to join the committee.

"The current committee is just in a caretaker role, we won't run an eisteddfod ourselves," she said.

"We haven't got the resources, time or energy to put into it at the moment, so if we don't have new people step up, there won't be an eisteddfod next year."

Ms Woodrow, who has been a committee member for nine years and president for three, said at least three new members were needed.

"We have current members happy to stay on to give people a hand and guidance, but we don't want to keep propping it up forever," she said.

"You've got to let new people come through and that won't happen if we stay there."

Ms Woodrow said positions on the committee could be filled by anyone, not just parents of performers.

"It doesn't have to be dancing parents, anybody that has a community interest at large (can join)," she said.

"Obviously you need some people on the committee with dancing experience, but it doesn't have to be everyone. It can be people with any background ? if they feel some affinity with cultural exploits in the community, they can chip in."

Ms Woodrow said for the sake of the Valley's children it was important the eisteddfod continued.

"It's very popular and it provides the kids with performance arts experience on the stage, so I think to not have it as a local event would be a shame," she said.

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