Sheep mauled in the attack.
Sheep mauled in the attack.

Dogs attack sheep


TRAPS have been laid to capture the vicious dogs responsible for a brutal attack on a number of sheep at a Seelands property early Friday morning.

Two large dogs attacked and mauled eight sheep in a paddock on Rogan Bridge Road before escaping into nearby bushland.

With reports of a similar previous attack on a calf in the Seelands area, Clarence Valley Council ranger Errol Woods said it was important to catch the dogs before they inflicted further damage.

"Right now we have to try and capture the culprits ? the problem is that once a dog gets a taste for fresh blood there isn't anything that can be done, it's a lose-lose situation. They really need to be put down or they will keep on killing," Mr Woods said.

"Such an incident really emphasises that every owner has the responsibility to chain up their dogs at night. If they are left to roam free there is so much potential for them to cause trouble."

Sheep owner Peter Mitchell said this was the first such attack that had been made on livestock on his property.

"It was an unfortunate, unsavoury incident; I have had the sheep here for six months and until now there has been no problem," Mr Mitchell said.

"I had eight sheep that I had planned to breed and now I have two, I'll have to move the survivors away from here because the dogs will come back for them.

"There was no noise and no commotion from the animals, I guess the sheep thought if they were noisy they would encourage the attack, so it was a shock when I found them ? every one of them was bloodied, the dogs weren't content to eat one sheep but ripped and mauled them all."

Mr Mitchell described the dogs as being 'skinny Alsatiantype animals' and suggested they were domestic pets left unchained at night or that they had been dumped.

"The violent way in which the sheep were attacked makes it seem that the dogs weren't doing it because they were hungry, it really seems as though they were doing it for the thrill of the hunt," Mr Mitchell said.

"With permission I will be using 1080 dog poison on one of the carcasses to try and get them, and Mr Woods will be setting up a dog trap -? I think it's really important that we get these dogs now so they don't needlessly kill any more livestock."

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