Dolphin beached at the Broom


A DOLPHIN, stranded in the Brooms Head lagoon yesterday, was being monitored last night after apparently being hit by the propeller of an outboard motor.

Residents and holidaymakers noticed the two-metre dolphin swimming around near the beach throughout the morning, but became concerned for its welfare after it suddenly veered into the lagoon rather than travelling out to sea with the tide.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) spokesman Lawrence Orel said the mammal had beached itself early in the afternoon.

He said it was stabilised by NPWS officers and Brooms Head residents while a vet was called to assess its condition.

Brooms Head Caravan Park manager and one of the rescuers, Chris Priem, said the dolphin looked to be in discomfort.

"It had fairly deep gashes on its back ... resembling a propeller from a motorboat and it had a couple of abrasions on its face," he said.

Mr Orel said after the dolphin had been assessed by the vet a decision was made to take it to the Sandon River, where it was to be released into deeper water and monitored overnight.

"We really need to see how it copes with the injury overnight," he said.

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