TIGER?S TALE: Action from one of the Grafton Tigers? games last year.
TIGER?S TALE: Action from one of the Grafton Tigers? games last year.

Excitement rising in Tigers? camp

WITH the local Aussie Rules season kicking off this Saturday, there is an air of excitement in the Grafton Crown Hotel Tigers club.

It is a fantastic feeling knowing the season is finally here, which was heightened with the kick off of the 2005 AFL season.

Every player and both coaches have been itching for the first game against Port Macquarie Magpies, and knowing that it's the culmination of all the hard training we have been doing.

- THE first two rounds of the AFL season have already shown us that it will be a very close competition this year.

Port have shaken off the grand final hangover with a win on the weekend, and Brisbane also showed that they have lost none of their potency considering the calibre of players that are due to re- turn, for example Jonathon Brown.

- THE Auskick program for the 2005 season commenced last Saturday at Ellem Oval.

This is a great way for any child, both boys and girls, to learn the basic skills of AFL, and is also a good way for the parents to have a bit of fun with their kids at the same time.

With the Tigers being a very close knit club, the senior and Under-18 teams realise how important Auskick is to the future of our game, and will be participating in the development of the future stars of the game.

If you have any queries regarding Auskick, or you would like to get your kids enrolled in Auskick, you can either contact John Kenne- dy on 66432587 or simply come to Ellem Oval Saturday mornings at 10am.

- WITH the record number of people who have been attending training in both the senior and Under-18s squads, it has been a sight to behold for anyone who has been associated with the Tigers.

I would also like to congratulate the committee and the coaching staff in both the senior and junior levels, as the effort we have all put in to make the club a lot more successful is really paying off.

- THE Tigers Shield, which is the competition held between the local high schools is gearing up for the upcoming season as well.

With the sport growing in the area and the large number of Under-18s at training, it should prove to be a close competition this year.

- FOR the first instalment of 'Questions for the Coach' I have been asked to explain 'How do umpires rule on whether a mark was completed or not, as you see different interpretations during every game'.

To explain this I will begin by stating that Umpires work very hard during a game of AFL and can only make rulings on what they see.

This can explain why there are different interpretations during every game as, unless it is clear what has happened, then the umpire cannot be ruled in favour of any particular side.

Now to explain the way a mark is awarded, the ball must be kicked a minimum of 15 metres, and the marking player must have touched the ball first.

They then must control the ball for three or more seconds without the ball making contact with the ground.

I will also state that if an Umpire sees an infringement in a marking contest, the sometimes rule it as a mark instead of ruling a free kick as the marking player and team may be advantaged by allowing the play to continue as if the ball was marked.

- PLEASE keep the questions coming in by sending them to 'Questions for the Coach', PO Box 1517 Grafton, 2460.

If you have any other questions or queries regarding becoming associated with our club or anything else, you can contact myself on 66427787 or Warren (Bags) Bagnall on 66432821

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