Fight against eastern route goes online


THERE have been meetings, workshops, protests and committees formed.

The only course of action remaining was a petition.

And now even that base has been covered, with the establishment of an online petition against an eastern route option for the upgrade of the Pacific Highway.

The 'Pacific Highway WC2IR ? No Eastern Route' petition is addressed to NSW Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal and calls on him to abandon all thoughts of an eastern route for the Wells Crossing to Iluka Road upgrade.

The appeal calls on Mr Roozendaal to consider four main points in rejecting an eastern route option for the highway:

Safety; the possible extinction of threatened species; damage to the environment, and; the cost of raising the floodplain.

"We ask you (Mr Roozendaal) to reject the eastern route options and consider the alternatives," the petition says.

Started only recently, the petition has already attracted 166 signatures.

Signatories to the petition so far come from NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

Most are concerned with the environmental costs, but others sight the untainted nature of the area, or the safety concerns, for signing.

One person asks: "Please consider the ultimate cost of destruction of undeveloped areas ? we may not know the true cost until it is too late."

Another is more scathing: "Our future transport needs require more imagination and creativity than simply building bigger roads for more heavy vehicles to transport freight long distances."

You can find the petition at

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