Fired up over theft

IT WAS a hot day and the young kid looked like he could do with some help when Maclean resident John Doe (not his real name) saw him hitch-hiking on the Brooms Head Road last Friday.

So Mr Doe pulled over and offered the teenager a lift.

But before he could take him to his destination, he needed to stop to buy some fish for his aquarium.

So Mr Doe left the boy in the car while he bought the fish.

When he returned to the car five minutes later and the hitch-hiker was gone, he figured he just got sick of waiting and continued on his way.

But when Mr Doe returned home and unpacked his shopping from earlier in the day he realised the hitch-hike had stolen a carton of cigarettes from him.

Now the retired Mr Doe will run an ad in Thursday's Coastal Views offering a reward of $500 to catch the thief in the hope someone will turn him in.

"He's only a young kid, about 16, and the idea is that his mates will dob him in for that sort of money," he said.

Mr Doe admitted the reward was a bit extreme and would make a huge dent in his pension, but hoped if the thief was caught the experience would scare him out of doing this again.

"I want to see the kid caught, put before the police so they can frighten the life out of him and make him go straight the rest of his life," he said.

"If a kid does this at 16 when someone has done him a good turn, and he gets caught and the police read the riot act to him he might go straight from then on in."

Mr Doe described the boy as white, around 16-years-old, with a thin face and wearing a grey t-shirt and a baseball cap. He asked for anyone with information to contact him on 66454173.

? Adrian Miller

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