Flathead hit the Broadwater


RESULTS of fishing activity during the past week has remained at a high level with the improvement moving further and further upstream.

Results above Maclean to Grafton have been very patchy although there are plenty of catfish to be taken in the muddy water.

There have also been reports of a big hit on flathead by one commercial meshing crew around the Broadwater, but apart from that there have been few reports from above the Harwood bridge.

But downstream it is a different matter, with some of the best catches of big bream for some time.

Best of this species taken this week was a monster 2.600kg taken by Noel Broomfield, of Grafton, who fished in the vicinity of the Harwood bridge at the weekend.

He had aborted a trial at Durrington Lane at the northern end of Palmers Island and returned to a favourite spot near the bridge where there was more shelter.

As well as the really big bream ? taken on skirt steak ? he also landed four more bream, all around the kilo mark, the same number of flathead and several whiting.

Browns Rocks, as expected, fished well for bream with one of the best, 1.196kg, taken by Cheryl Barton of Chatsworth, while young Brooke Dawny, on holidays from Raymond Terrace, was pleased with her catch of 800g.

Other good catches included a fish of 1.410kg caught by Merv Turner, from Mt George, who fished from the jetty adjacent to the Yamba ferry terminal, and 1.514kg taken by John Spiers, of Iluka, fishing the Iluka wall.

The middle wall was also productive with a 1.200kg fish taken by Scott Short, of Ulmarra, and 1.040kg by L Olsson, from Mudgee.

Blackfish continued to bite well in the lower reaches, with most of the recognised spots producing good fish.

Jason Allen, of Yamba, scored the best with a fish of 1.050kg from Moriatys, with Mark O'Laughlin, from Yamba, not far behind with a fish of 1.000kg from the middle wall.

Best that Col Mitchell could do at Collis' was a fish of 800g.

Most of the flathead caught were on the ocean front or near the entrance, with the 3.100kg by Terry Stackpole from Melbourne, who fished the Yamba wall, the best weighed in.

As expected there were still plenty of big tailor along the beaches and around the headlands, with the southern headlands producing the best although there were unconfirmed reports of bigger fish on the north side.

David Reardon, of South Grafton, collects a certificate for his tailor of 3.160kg caught at Wilsons, just beating the 3.135kg landed by Graeme Barnes, of Red Rock, who fished the local waters.

Quite a few boats were able to tackle the offshore grounds, with plenty of big snapper being landed.

Best was the 6.600kg fish taken by Craig Brundenell off Brooms Head, not far ahead of the 5.770kg caught by John Boyd, of Wooli, off Wooli and the 5.740kg fish taken by Matt Saunders, of Yamba, off Angourie.

Steve Cavanagh, of Inverell, also fished off Angourie for a fish of 3.850kg.

The fresh appears to have cleared most of the fish from around Grafton, with bass being taken in the lower reaches.

David Billin, of Gundagai, landed one of 1.940kg from the bank at Palmers Island.

A few salmon are still working along the ocean front, with Roy Jones, of Chatsworth, weighing in his best of 2.250kg taken at the Iluka Bluff.

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