Flying foxes look north


ILUKA residents frustrated over a flying fox colony which has set- tled on the foreshore should be in for a respite shortly when the ma- jority of the colony heads north to Queensland. That is the message from the National Parks and Wildlife Ser- vice which said little red flying foxes, which make up the majori- ty of the Iluka colony, are expec- ted to move shortly to begin their breeding season. NPWS spokesman Lawrence Or- rel said the little reds breeding

season begins soon, but in much warmer climates. "Generally little red flying fox- es breed in much warmer temper- atures, and that is further north into Queensland," he said. Mr Orrel said the Iluka colony should dwindle with the dispersal of the little reds, but there was no way of knowing exactly when it would happen. "March is the start of their breeding season," he said. "You can't put a time-frame on it, but they are indeed expected to begin dispersing further north- ward then.

Cane toad breeding set to explode in Lower Clarence

Cane toad breeding set to explode in Lower Clarence

Rain over the weekend could bring a spike in cane toads

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