Janet Gould
Janet Gould

Gould relishes new challenge


AS A hockey spectator Janet Gould mistakenly presumed: 'that looks easy'.

Since taking the game up as a player in 1999 and performing various administrative roles, Gould has changed her mind.

The 44-year-old Grafton mother with a warm smile and endearing demeanour has been elected one of eight new directors of the Hockey NSW Board.

It's an important, challenging position and one that Gould is relishing.

"I've been elected to Hockey NSW initially for a two year period," she said. "Since the amalgamation of the men's and women's associations, there's a settling in period. "The previous formats were very different.

"Hopefully we can settle on a process that will allow both groups, men's and women's, to run smoothly.

"If we can do that at the end of two years, given the geographical differences involved, consolidate the process, then I'd be happy."

Gould used to regularly head down to the Grafton hockey fields to watch her two daughters ? Kimberley, 23, and Chantelle, 19 ? and later, husband Rodney, 49, play.

"I was constantly down there cheering them on," Gould said. "The late Dawn Scott got into my ear one day and suggested I come and play. All this (playing and admin) is Dawn's fault," she joked.

Gould, who works for Steve Cansdell, Clarence MP, has become a respected figure in local and state hockey circles.

The tireless worker has also been a former secretary of three political groups while holding down hockey positions.

Her soccer portfolios have been:

2000-02 ? secretary Grafton Junior Boys Hockey Association.

1999-2003 ? secretary Grafton Men's Hockey Association.

2003 to present ? secretary Grafton Hockey Inc.

2001-02 ? Secretary NSW Junior Boys Hockey Association.

2002 ? Alamgamation of NSWJHA and NSWHA at AGM.

2003-04 ? secretary NSW Hockey Assoc.

Gould believes hockey represents a great opportunity for people of all ages to take up sport and places a particular emphasis on junior development.

"To me it's great because you can play hockey from juniors right through to veterans and it's a great social sport," she said.

"And we need a continuing strong focus on junior development. We need juniors coming through, that's the real challenge.

"Hockey in Grafton is going very well. The new synthetic field is great, easier on the body too."

Gould is particularly delighted with the latest promotion ? the "Hook in 2 Hockey" campaign ? which has the men's and women's associations working in conjunction to promote hockey in the local area.

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