Graduates make Grafton home


IT'S safe to say there are not a lot of dolphins in Grafton, but one of the newest recruits to Grafton Veterinary Clinic, Olivia Meadows, recently treated one.

Ms Meadows and her other new colleague, Annie Round, said they had treated a few unusual animals during their time at the clinic so far, including rabbits and ferrets, which are outlawed as pets in their home state of Queensland.

"The dolphin was out at Diggers Camp. It got beached and I had to go out and say whether it should be euthanased or whether it could be sent to Seaworld," Miss Meadows said.

"I was hoping for a happy ending, but in the end it was just too sick."

The two graduates, both from University of Queensland in Brisbane, said being a vet presented daily challenges, but had so far been fun and pretty much what they expected.

"(Vet surgeons) Kath and Alan hold our hands and talk us through things step by step so that's been really good," Ms Meadows said.

Ms Round said most people she had met in Grafton had been 'really friendly' and welcoming.

"There's also no toads which is good," she said.

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