Grafton, Yamba stay in demand


GRAFTON'S property market is heading down the right track, with plenty of people buying and selling, according to Bailey and Gough salesman Derek Morgan.

He said the market was being stimulated mostly by people moving to Grafton for work.

"A lot of people are transferring here through work, and it's a good cross-section of people because of all the government departments in town, which seem to bring a fair bit of employment and people to the area," he said.

Mr Morgan also said that employment was not the only reason why people were moving here.

"A lot of people are selling houses to move here to be closer to their grand kids or people who have moved here because it's a good place to bring up children," he said.

Grant Gillies, from PRD Nationwide in Yamba, said the market had changed slightly in the Lower Clarence, with people buying houses to live in rather than as investment properties.

"Yamba isn't really a transient population where people come for 12 months and then they're gone. We find once they move to the area, they generally stay," he said.

"That's why we're selling, rather than to investors, to people who are planning to live here in three-five years time. They are securing their house now and renting it out."

Mr Gillies said, however, rental housing was still thin on the ground.

"We are struggling to find houses to rent. We've got a list of tenants chasing properties, we just don't have any houses to rent," he said.

"Investors would be the ones who would normally buy those properties and rent them out, but they have been very slow."

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