Great balls of fire mystery

SIGHTINGS of mysterious lights skimming through the night sky are great popular science fiction fodder, but last Saturday night one South Grafton resident had a close encounter which he believes needs further explanation.

The man, who declined to be named, reportedly saw from the deck of his home around 10.45pm two separate objects zipping around the skyline.

The first object came into sight in the sky from the south. He estimated it hung in the sky, moving around over South Grafton for about two minutes, before it was joined by a similar object.

He said it was difficult to discern how far away they were but could only describe them as orange balls of light that gave off a continual glow not dissimilar to the colour of South Grafton's street lights.

Shortly after the second object entered the sky, the first one moved across the night at high speed, before suddenly making a 90-degree turn and heading west.

At this point the second object began what the man described as a slow descent before he lost sight of it behind his neighbour's house.

Although the sighting of- fers no easy explanation, the man was quick to dispel any suggestion that the lights might have belonged to the craft of visitors from another planet.

"I've never been one to pooh-pooh the notion of UFOs and that sort of thing but it's not like it would have been aliens," he said.

"I'd say it's more likely to be some sort of thing from the Royal Australian Air Force or something like that."

The man said he contacted The Daily Examiner to see whether anyone else had spotted the strange lights.

Grafton police had received no calls about the incident, while a spokesman for Air Services Australia, which monitors Grafton's airspace through the Brisbane Air Traffic Control Centre, reported no untoward radar activity at the time.

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