Hard to predict


THE difficulty in predicting the winner of The Daily Examiner Netball Challenge became obvious when the four Clarence Valley Schools played in a round robin yesterday to determine the finalists.

It would be a brave person to try to nominate the winner of the open division.

After Grafton and South Grafton easily beat McAuley Catholic College they played an excellent game against each other.

Nothing separated the two teams throughout the game, but South were in front at the end to win 16-14 in a relaxed friendly game.

Over the past few years only a few goals have separated the teams.

Grafton travel to Sydney next week for the final of CHS after coming from behind to beat South Grafton in an earlier round.

Both teams will produce the normal quality netball we see them play when they meet again on Monday, September 12.

Maclean High were unable to field a team in the Open division but dominated the other two grades.

The Maclean year 9/10 team defeated Grafton 20-10, South Grafton 22-12 and MCC 14-6.

South Grafton progressed to the final by beating Grafton 15-11 and MCC 12-10.

Maclean year 7/8 narrowly defeated South Grafton 7-5 but easily accounted for MCC 17-8 and Grafton 14-5.

Their opposition will be Grafton High who defeated South Grafton 16-6 and MCC 9-4.

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