Ricky Ponting looks unamused as a streaker rolls down the pitch.
Ricky Ponting looks unamused as a streaker rolls down the pitch.

In Black and White

CRICKET in the Clarence Valley resumes on Saturday with games in the Bananacoast Community Credit Union Premier League, the CRCA and LCCA. The Daily Examiner, South Grafton ExServicemen's Night Cricket Competition also kicks off again on Monday.

PLAYERS and people who have agreed to billet the visiting New Zealand cricketers during their two-night stay in Grafton should be at the pavilion at Ellem Oval on Wednesday, January 12 at around 6pm.

People will be assigned their billet

PICKING 'best-of' teams seems to be all the rage at the moment, with Richie Benaud's team getting its own TV show.

Quick Singles was mulling over its contribution to the debate and decided on an Australian and an Australian A team.

However, these teams will not delve into players that no-one alive has ever seen, although there is the odd selection from the 1930s and 40s ? Don Bradman for one.

Quick Singles' best Australian team: 1. Matthew Hayden, 2. Bob Simpson, 3. Don Bradman (c), 4. Greg Chappell, 5. Neil Harvey, 6. Keith Miller, 7. Adam Gilchrist, 8. Ray Lindwall, 9. Shane Warne, 10. Dennis Lillee 11. Bill O'Reilly, 12th: Doug Walters.

Australia A:, 1. Arthur Morris, 2. Sid Barnes, 3. Ian Chappell, 4. Stan McCabe, 5. Allan Border, 6. Stephen Waugh, 7. Rod Marsh, 8. Alan Davidson, 9. Richie Benaud (c), 10. Jeff Thomson, 11. Glen McGrath, 12. Mark Waugh.

PICKING these teams is a source of endless fascination for the armchair selec- tors, but it's also frustrating when someone says, 'how could you leave out ...?

In short, a best Australian team that includes Don Bradman will beat just about any other team, purely on the basis of numbers.

The Quick Singles' argument is Bradman's average of 99.94 an innings is equal to the average of a great player and an excellent player. Therefore Australia outnum- bers its opposition every time it plays.

THE other credential Quick Singles considered was fielding.

The Australians with Lindwall, Lillee and Miller ? and Warne and O'Reilly, if needed ? would demand a topline slips cordon and with Simpson, Greg Chappell, Miller and Warne, with occasional help from Harvey and Hayden in the gully, not too many edges would get through.

The outfielding is not shabby either. Bradman, Harvey, Lillee and Lindwall were all outstanding fielders. I'm not too sure about O'Reilly, but anyone Bradman describes as the best bowler he faced has to make the team.

And if for some reason they were needed, Simpson and Chappell could oblige with a few overs of handy bowling.

If any reader has a team they would like to put in, drop it into The Daily Examiner, or email it to thoward@nor.com.au.

QUICK Singles enjoyed a couple of 'quiet' ales with guest umpire Darren Goodger, who was home for Christmas.

If he thought people would forget about his ING Cup debut (his first 'out' decision gave NSW quick Doug Bollinger a hat trick), he can think again.

At one stage a group of people in the pub were pointing him out and one mimed the dismissal which led to the hat trick.

True to form Goodge raised the finger on that one as well.

EARLY January is going to be an important time for Goodge.

He is off to umpire the Australian Under17 carnival in Tasmania and he is looking to repeat his effort in Perth when he was named Umpire of the Carnival and adjudicated in the final on the WACA.

His performance in Perth was the springboard to his current ranking as one of the up-and-coming umpires in Australian cricket.

QUICK Singles is heartily sick of one element of the mind games the Australians are playing with Shoaib Akhtar and that is not being ready to play when the bowler is waiting to bowl.

It's obvious the Australians want to distract Shoaib, but holding up play is against the spirit of the game and should be stamped out.

It appeared umpire Billy Bowden stepped in during Hayden's innings in Sydney, and not before time.

Mind games are fine in any sport, but players need to be mindful of the example they set to young players.

SHOAIB is copping some well-deserved flak from the Australian team, notably Ricky Ponting.

Punter says he is disappointed that the speedster widely regarded as the world's quickest bowler is not putting in.

Ponting must be right.

No-one in his right mind would want to stir up anyone whose fastest recorded delivery is 160kmh.

Ponting is not a noted sledger on the field, but it seems, like his predecessor Steve Waugh, he does not mind carrying the verbal fight to opponents.

LAST week ING Cup umpire Darren Goodger asked: The tea interval is scheduled from 3.15pm to 3.30pm, but the last over before tea is not completed until 3.19pm. What time will play resume after tea?

The ansswer is: 3.34pm.

For next week Darren asks: The Law states that the toss must take place between certain times.a) what are these times? and b) where should this toss take place?.

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