It?s all right Mum, it?s just a black eye


AS he approached a jump on Saturday afternoon at the Grafton BMX track, 10-year-old Brock Cole was riding faster than he had ever had before.

Hurtling along at around 37km/h, he hit the jump, and while he doesn't remember exactly what happened, his front wheel clipped the mound which caused him to dive over the handle bars and land face first on the track.

The subsequent ballooning of his face would put most people off riding their bike for at least a couple of weeks, but not Brock.

In fact, he said it doesn't even hurt and is adamant he will ride this weekend in Coffs Harbour.

"The state titles are coming up and he wants to race this weekend down in Coffs ... and he reckons if he can squeeze on a helmet he's going," said Brock's mum, Michelle Cole.

For the past few years Brock's 12-year-old sister Danielle and five-year-old brother George have also taken to the BMX track on a regular basis, but with their full safety gear and supervision, Mrs Cole said none of them had injured themselves until a couple of weeks ago when Brock hurt his shoulder.

But even that's an accident he's proud of.

"I was coming off a jump and when I came off I was going too slow and I landed on my shoulder and it got all cut and scraped," Brock said, displaying the scabby remains of the stack.

"That one would've had some good pictures because I was upside down and nearly did a front flip."

And with the state titles coming up in about seven weeks, Brock said he will conquer the jump where he came unstuck on Saturday.

"I'll wait 'til after the weekend and I'll do the jump again to prove I can."

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