It?s Clarence show time


AT LAST year's Grafton Show, the magician 'misplaced' one of his doves.

It was later found nestled in the top of the Barn and had to be coaxed back to safety but despite the mishap, the magician will be back this year.

Grafton Show Society secretary Anne de Graaf said other major attractions would be the Kaos Freestlye Motorcross team, with two shows each day, and the camel race.

"This year we've named the media heat as the Alan Wilson memorial media heat. He was an ABC reporter from Lismore and was one of our biggest fans of the camel race. I expect he'll be up there, cheering away."

Ms de Graaf said mini trots, described as 'everything the big horses can do but cuter', would also make their way into the main ring this year.

At Maclean, Show Secre- tary Dawn Stewart said the stockman's ride would be the main attraction.

"We've got heaps of riding events, showjumping, woodchopping as well as Old Macdonald's Farm and the reptile man is coming up from Coffs Harbour too," Ms Stewart said.

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Maclean is on Tuesday and Wednesday and Grafton Friday-Saturday.

Raising money for the roof at Lawrence

DONOR PLEA: Vice-president of Lawrence Museum, Roz Jones, looks up from the mezzanine level of the new building, which needs a roof .

Museum needs help to finish building

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Truck fire on Pacific Highway


A truck is reportedly on fire and affecting Southbound traffic

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