Jail scare man walks

THE MAN found in possession of a homemade bomb just metres from the Grafton Correctional Centre was released without charge in Grafton Local Court this week.

Mark Peter Drummond, 27, faced four charges after prison officers searching his vehicle in September found ammunition, a baseball bat, pick handle and a backpack containing the bomb.

According to court documents, Drummond had been at the Hoof Street jail visiting an inmate when a sniffer dog caused the officers to become suspicious during a security check. A search of the man's car boot turned up a khaki backpack containing electronic detonators and two homemade bombs with fuses and shrapnel-type objects taped to them.

Drummond claimed the bomb had been left in his car by a hitchhiker and said he had decided to keep it be- cause he had recently been threatened by a motorcycle gang member demanding money for a $200 debt.

Magistrate Mr Bone took into account reports which described Drummond as suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. He was encouraged by reports that Drummond's condition had improved with support from mental health services, and elected to drop all charges provid- ing he continue counselling.

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