Ken Dwyer
Ken Dwyer

Ken?s champion fruit cakes

IT WAS a proud moment for Waterview Heights resident, Ken Dwyer when he was awarded champion exhibit for his boiled fruit cake at the Grafton Show.

Mr Dwyer said he enjoyed cooking and inherited his passion from his parents who both entered fruit cakes in the Bourke and Grafton shows.

"When they got too old to cook, I just took over entering cakes into the show," Mr Dwyer said.

Mr Dwyer was given $10 and also won best light fruit cake and best pumpkin fruit cake in the general cooking category at the Grafton Show.

He said he was proud of the win and acknowledged the other competitors had encouraged him.

"I took a look at the other competitor's cakes, there was a bit of stiff competition," Mr Dwyer said.

He said had entered his specialty, fruit cakes, into the show for five years.

Mr Dwyer will travel to Dubbo on Friday to enter his fruit cakes in the show there.

"I am just testing myself, to see if they do any good," he said.

He said he freezed the fruit cakes after they were exhibited and treated himself to a small slice everyday.

Mr Dwyer refused to tell The Daily Examiner the secret ingredient in his cooking.

"If I told you I would have to take you prisoner," he said.

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