THE tiny white coffin at the front of Grafton's Christ Church Cathedral provided a stark symbol of a life cut far too short.

Two-year-old Necia Green of Grafton died on Wednesday, May 4, after a car crash at St Helena, near Byron Bay.

Yesterday her parents Simon and Renae Green, together with hundreds of mourners, said their final farewells to a 'beautiful little girl'.

It was a short but touching service.

The Dean of Grafton, Peter Catt, said the large crowd of mourners was a great symbol of how people loved and cared for each other.

"We come together with a great sense of loss and to share the sadness of the family," he said.

During the service, a taped recording of Renae Green singing Bette Midler's 'The Rose', was played to a silent congregation.

Necia's next door neighbour, Reverend Dr Ann Solari, told of a spirited little girl.

"Simon and Renae's precious pot, Millah's baby cake, little terror head, our beautiful little friend," she said.

"You were so independent, you just wanted to do everything yourself, to be able to do everything Millah (Necia's sister) did.

"You loved the park; to swing on the 'big swing', you knew that baby swing wasn't for you ... to climb up the slippery dip slope, to play shops with Millah.

"In the backyard you just sat on that trike and let it go at top speed down the slope, crashing straight into the fence at the bottom.

"At Nan and Pops you got on that dinky and would take off down that footpath, you were going to see the dog down the street come hell or high water.

"Determined wasn't the word for you, if you were going to do something, you were going to do it.

"We still laugh about the first day you came to have Sunday brunch with the 'big girls'. They thought you were so cute and they all wanted to nurse you ? that is until within seconds both Rhiannon's and Paige's toast had been chucked straight off the table.

"Our dog thought you were the best guest ever.

"You didn't much like being fed ? that spoon was yours and no-one was going to take it off you.

"And your cereal bowl did look beautiful on your head.

"For someone who refused to talk, you communicated in an amazingly effective way ? I never knew that there were so many variations on a grunt.

"We all knew exactly what you wanted ? and what you didn't."

There were no eulogies at the service, no former colleagues or sporting companions to share stories about Necia's life. Her life was too short for that.

A young child sat in an outside aisle playing with a plastic book, his parents sobbing for the loss of Necia.

Their eyes rarely left their child.

The anguish was obvious. It could so easily happen to them.

At the grave site, children and Dr Solari danced to children's rock music.

It gave some light to a tragic loss.

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