Maclean golfers ?aceing? the deck


FROM hacker to professional it's every golfer's dream to snare a hole in one.

Normally a hole in one is about as rare as hens teeth -- some golfers go through their whole lives without achieving the feat -- but at Maclean Golf Course, locals have been 'aceing' the par threes regularly in recent months.

And, as might be expected, the hole-in-one brigade aren't made up of experienced low handicappers.

Within a six day period Des Plunkett and John Porter made the club's honour board with a hole in one at the 185m seventh.

And the rarity isn't a male only bastion.

Last month Helen Graney had a hole in one off the 75m ladies tee at the 11th much to the 20-plus handicapper and her playing partner's delight.

Plunkett also plays off a 20-plus handicap and Porter, 14.

Then there's Graham Roberts.

Earlier this year Roberts gained notoriety after a hole in one at the seventh, his second in as many years.

Roberts isn't in the professional category either. He also plays off a 20-plus handicap.

"We've had an amazing run of holes in one's," club captain Rod Smith said.

"Last Sunday week Des Plunkett got his then the following Saturday, John Porter also aced the seventh.

"To have two in six days at the one club is unbelievable."

Smith, who is also a member of the Hole-In-One Club, played in Plunkett's group.

"It was a beautiful shot, it never looked like missing," Smith said.

"Des (Plunkett) used a five wood where as John Porter used a five iron."

What was the reaction like?

"There was coo-ees and yahoos going on everywhere, Des was rapt," Smith recalled.

"He (Plunkett) loved it.

"His wife Molly is a pretty handy golfer but she has never had a hole in one.

"Des reckons he's got one up on her and has bragging rights."

Smith said the only downside to the raft of holes in one's has been the 'eagles nest,' a quaint golfers tradition that contains numerous golf balls.

"We had a big runs of eagles recently, they were going off week after week, and with the hole in one's, the boy's have only had one or two balls left in the eagles nest. They've been a bit dirty on that," Smith said.

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