Maclean lookout rubbished


THE Maclean lookout is a mess and needs to be cleaned up, say residents of the town.

Darryl Graney, who visited the lookout last week, said it was in a terrible condition considering it was a major tourist attraction.

"It was in a hell of a mess and it's not the sort of thing you want to see when it's supposed to be a tourist showcase for the town," he said.

Mr Graney said the look- out was overgrown with weeds, trees were blocking some views and graffiti covered sign posts.

"I'd say you've lost about 20 per cent of your view, especially looking northwards up to the Back Channel and out over to Harwood and Chatsworth islands," he said.

"It's not well looked after at all. There were a lot of weeds around the place and general neglect."

Maclean Chamber of Commerce president Jody Toyer said she had not seen the lookout recently, but the general upkeep of the town was important.

"It is an important issue, especially with the increasing tourism coming to town and we do need to maintain our tidy town," she said.

"If there is an issue going on with the state of the town, the public can write to the chamber, we will chair it at our meeting and we can then address it."

The Clarence Valley Council could not be reached for comment.

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