Maclean ?terrorised? by gang


IT SEEMS Maclean is not immune to aimless youths.

Fresh from recent reports of adolescents terrorising residents in Yamba and Grafton, citizens in Maclean have spoken of the terror caused by a gang believed to be responsible for numerous thefts and property damage in the town.

Home owners living around the Maclean Public School and Catholic Church claim they are living in fear because of the group.

"I just don't feel safe anymore," one resident said.

"I used to be able to leave the front door open and not worry about it, but now I can't go to bed unless everything is locked up."

Another resident said the gang had recently entered her property but she confronted them before they were able to steal anything.

"I've never felt this scared living here before," she said.

"I get frightened here at night now and I've never felt like that here."

The residents said the gang, which contains up to nine children aged in their early teens, were responsible for numerous bike thefts, break-and-enters and maliciously damaging property.

They said the gang had been identified by numerous people and one resident alleged the gang had boasted about their thefts to students at Maclean High School.

Residents said the gang appeared to be well organised.

"They'll have one guy doing the dirty deed while the others look out at warn them with whistles if anyone comes," she said.

"I sit around at night and I can hear them doing it." Maclean police Sergeant Harley Willox said officers were doing their best to curb problem behaviour.

"If residents ring us they (the youths) won't be hanging around the area they will be dealt with according to the legislation," he said.

Sgt Willox urged all residents to report any concerns to the police.

"Police attend to each and every job with due diligence and deal with it on its merits at the time," he said.

"All matters reported to this police station are dealt with appropriately, and their (residents) concerns are dealt with."

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