Mixed news from big cane toad roundup

THERE was a mixture of good and bad news from a cane toad roundup near Brooms Head at the weekend.

The good news was that no juvenile toads were found and, in all, only 28 toads were found by the 10 volunteer hunters. The bad news was that some got away.

National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger for northern Yuraygir National Park, Matt Clarke, said some of the toads were in deep water and could not be reached.

"It's important that we don't let them get established in the wetlands," Mr Clarke said. "We are going to keep going back until we get none.

"We combed the whole area from the Brooms Head village to Lake Arragan and picked up the 28 on the Brooms Head Road.

"The best thing was there were no toads found in the village ... it has been three weeks since any were found in the village."

Mr Clarke said that with cooler weather approaching, the toads would go into aestivation, a type of hibernation in which their activities slowed.

"But they will compete with native frogs over winter," he said. "The community of Brooms Head recognises that it has to keep doing it (roundups) to make sure they don't get established.

"It's the only way to stop them."

In the past eight weeks, 477 toads have been collected between Brooms Head and Lake Arragan.

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