Money pours in for girl?s medical bill

MIKAYLA Pollington's battle with Hodgkin's disease has touched the Clarence Valley and prompted an outpouring of generosity from the community.

Like most people, Maureen Jacobs wanted to help ease the financial burden of paying mounting hospital bills for Mikayla and her mother, Kelli.

But Maureen's encounter with breast cancer gave her added insight into Mikayla's situation and a very real appreciation of the struggle family members face when a loved one is struck down with illness.

"My daughter was only 14 and she basically had to run the whole household because I was away in Sydney for treatment so often," she said.

Thankfully, Maureen's cancer was detected early and removed after two operations.

And now, two and a half years after those operations, Maureen is fit and able to use her gift of life to help others like Mikayla.

Through her Induna Restaurant in South Grafton, Mrs Jacobs organised a Valentine's Day raffle to auction off prizes donated by businesses.

In just four days fundraising, ticket sales generated $1350 for Mikayla and proved yet again that up and down the Clarence Valley, people were prepared to open their wallets as well as their hearts.

Yesterday, Maureen met with Mikayla and Kelli to hand over the money raised, commenting that it was probably time she got back to her own family for some quality time.

"Everybody's involved in raffles these days but this case was close to home," she said. "My husband lost a lot of meals last week because I was out here selling tickets."

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