Mozzies a cause for concern at Yamba


MOSQUITOES and sandflies, once considered just a nuisance, could start to become more than just pests at Yamba.

Both are becoming such an irritation they could turn potential property buyers away from the town.

That is the view of Rod Towner, a former Maclean resident who now lives in Sydney and is back in the area visiting friends.

He said the problems caused by the insects could seriously affect his decision to purchase a house in Yamba.

"It would certainly be one of the things I would assess about any area up here," he said.

"I would need to test an area before I decided if I was going to build a house. You couldn't possibly live in a place where I'm so badly affected by them."

Mr Towner said usually he was unaffected by sandflies, but was overcome recently by the pests while visiting friends in Yamba.

"I can be surrounded by sandflies on the beach between Brooms Head and Redcliffe and I'm not seriously affected by them, but in the Yamba area, even though I sprayed myself quite liberally, I was certainly attacked," he said.

"I could feel the bites happening while I was there, but not as many as I turned out to have. When I looked later on I had nearly three times as many as I imagined had bitten me."

Clarence Valley Council strategic planning and environment services manager, Rob Donges, said council was unable to do anything about the problem until money became available in the budget.

"We're currently preparing our budget for 2005/06 where we would consider putting some money in there to engage an entomologist to come up with a program, but a decision hasn't been made on that yet," he said.

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