One hotted up ute to rule them all


BETWEEN the 6,172 utes and the 1,474 people decked out in blue singlets, it was Adrian Donohoe's ute which stood out at the Deniliquin Ute Muster on October 1.

In fact it impressed judges so much that the former Grafton resident picked up the prize for Champion Overall Ute with his 1964 EH Holden.

Mr Donohoe bought the ute around eight years ago in Grafton and has worked on it steadily ever since, installing a Lexus V8 engine and Toyota gearbox, as well as fully revamping the interior.

"I bought it as an old ute which was in fairly decent nick, but it'd been knocked around a bit ? it'd been through a barbed wire fence and that kind of thing," he said.

"I wanted to do it up a bit but I never thought I'd end up doing so much to it. It's really snowballed."

Mr Donohoe said he had spent a 'fair wack' on the ute over the years, with a lot of the work done in Grafton at Wiblen Exhaust and Mechanical, but was not sure if he would be making any more major alterations in the future.

"There's not a lot more I can do to it without it getting ridiculous ... so I think I'll just get what I've got in there sorted out 100 per cent," he said.

"If it gets much bigger I'll have to trailer it everywhere and I don't want to do that."

The Deniliquin Ute Muster attracts thousands of ute enthusiasts each year, and according to Mr Donohoe, always tries to break a world record.

"They get a great turn out every year, but this year they smashed the record for utes in one place," he said.

"It was a really good atmosphere and everyone out there has a really good spirit. Everyone just sleeps in the back of their utes."

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