Out 10,000 books in $4000

MACLEAN Rotary Club book sale organiser Dick Richards promised the biggest and the best second-hand book sale ever, and this weekend, he certainly delivered. There were about 10,000 books on sale at the Maclean Bowling Club of which about three-quarters went home with happy shoppers. That means, of course, a heap of money for the Rotary fundraisers. "We took more than $4000," Mr Richards said. The money will be divided between Clarence Valley libraries and the Rotary club-nominated charities. If Mr Richards' guess is correct, record numbers of around 1000 shoppers turned up to fill their plastic bags with books to buy at $5 a bag. "We also accept the green, recyclable bags now," Mr Richards said. "They hold the same amount and they don't break." Apart from all our locals, there were shoppers from Casino, Lismore, Glen Innes, Coffs Harbour and Brisbane. "That's not to say they came to Maclean especially for the book sale," Mr Richards said. "They were here already on holidays but once they heard about the sale they were in. Boy were they in. For the first hour or so there was pushing room only you could hardly move in there." According to Mr Richards, the best sellers this year were fiction and hobby books. "Cooking made a come back," he said. "Recipe books hadn't been so popular at previous sales but they walked out this time. Foreign language books were requested, and we had a box of sheet music that went in the first five minutes." Penny Chapman, of Maclean, never misses a Rotary book sale. "I got some very good books to read and Roddy (her partner) got an endless supply of French books from some sort of convent Our Lady of something or other." Penny's sister-in-law managed to buy novels by 'very good writers' but The Examiner could not find the buyer who picked up the few Mills and Boon books Mr Richards put on the table this time. He said it was considered quite an achievement to sell those. If you missed out this time, come back the second weekend in May for another big Rotary book sale.

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