Pacific Highway CLGs consider joint approach


THREE Pacific Highway upgrade community liaison groups are considering getting together to make a joint approach on proposed routes to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority.

The groups will meet on Monday at Tucabia to discuss various issues among themselves.

The meeting, which will not be open to the public, has been called by CLG members David Pinnells, Bruce Walsh and Helen Busby, and will also discuss the level of agreement throughout the Valley for various route options.

Mr Pinnells, a member of the Tucabia CLG, said the issue to go before the meeting was whether the groups should confer with each other as well as having their formal talks with the RTA and consultant SKM.

"There's been a very strong push from the public for the three CLGs to liaise with one another to do a better job representing public opinion," he said.

Mr Pinnells said CLG members would also discuss proposals put to them by various community members that they should lobby the RTA on their behalf.

"There are some who don't believe their role as a CLG member should be pro-active, but rather passive," he said.

"But the community in general I think, is saying to the liaison groups, 'for goodness sake get up there and represent us'."

Mr Pinnells said he believed the CLGs would need to act to- gether when dealing with the RTA, or risk having little influence when proposing route options for the upgrade.

"What I think is necessary for there to be any real influence on the RTA is that there is some consensus of public opinion," he said. "That's not going to be easy, but we're not going to get anywhere with getting the RTA to listen to public opinion unless it's organised."

Monday's meeting will be held at the Tucabia town hall from 6.30pm.

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