Parents? ticket to peace of mind


YAMBA Cinema owner Debbie McCredie has introduced a simple initiative in a bid to curb the number of wandering kids on Yamba's streets.

Mrs McCredie plans to implement a 'cinema attendance certificate' policy, which will tell parents if their kids have in fact been to the movies.

She said the certificate would provide parents with peace of mind.

"It'll say to the kids you've got to go where you say you are," Mrs McCredie said.

"If they're (the kids) not going to tell the truth then they're going to get caught out, which isn't a bad lesson to teach kids."

The cards will be issued to children who attend movies after the 5pm session.

The card will be given to people at the end of the movie, and will include the child's name, movie title, session time, date and will be signed by an employee of the cinema.

Only people who attend the entire movie will receive a card and they will be printed on red paper so they can't be photocopied.

A register of certificates will be kept so parents can check their authenticity and after a person collects eight certificates they will be entitled to one free movie.

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