Petrol bowsers accurate


A RANDOM blitz on service station operators on the North Coast has shown motorists can be assured they are getting their money's worth at the petrol pump.

Inspectors from the Department of Fair Trading were in the Clarence Valley and surrounding areas to check on petrol bowsers to ensure they were pumping the correct amount of petrol.

NSW Minister for Fair Trading John Hatzistergos said the inspections were carried out at 24 service stations, at Yamba, Maclean and Lismore, with more than 285 bowsers tested.

He said nearly all bowsers were accurate.

"Only seven bowsers were found to be inaccurate ? five in favour of the motorist," he said.

Mr Hatzistergos said the results were good news for car owners.

"There was no indication of any deliberate foul play by the operators and they have been directed to close the inaccurate pumps until they are fixed," he said.

"It is pleasing to note that the results from this recent inspection campaign are consistent with the statewide results that show compliance levels of around 98 per cent," the Minister said.

BP Riverside at Maclean manager Justin Henwood said they were happy with their results.

"By law the pumps have to be certified, so we're are pretty pleased all of ours were pumping correctly," he said.

He said the pumps were consistently accurate because they were tested every few months

Mr Hatzistergos said proprietors found to be ripping-off consumers could face fines of up to $20000 for each offence. He encouraged any customers who believe a service station is inaccurate to report it to the Department of Fair Trading.

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