Errol Weatherstone, of Yamba, with the old bike left by thieves.
Errol Weatherstone, of Yamba, with the old bike left by thieves.

Prized bicycle stolen


ERROL Weatherstone has been ripped-off.

His well-kept bicycle was stolen under the cover of darkness on Monday from his Yamba home. The thief rode off into the night after discarding his old bike.

Mr Weatherstone, naturally, does not want the wreck.

Errol's wife Christine said yesterday the discarded bike, a rusted Dunlop, was horrible and useless.

"They came underneath the house and stole his bike and left an old, really horrible blue one in its place," she said.

"That's horrible to leave him that crappy old bike when he looked after his bike so well."

Mr Weatherstone said his bike, a red, black and silver 26-inch Peak Traveller, with front suspension, was only two years old and in immaculate condition.

He said he had driven around Yamba looking for it, and even checked the marina to see if the bike had been thrown into the water.

He has reported the theft to police.

Mrs Weatherstone, who was in tears when she spoke to The Daily Examiner, said her husband was devastated.

"He loved his bike, he used it every day when he went to the shops, or across the road to go fishing," she said.

"He doesn't deserve this, he's a really good person and he doesn't deserve this."

Mrs Weatherstone said they could not afford another bike because income was limited. She was on a disability pension and her husband on a carer's benefit.

"He looked after it, and it's in immaculate condition, and he can't afford to buy another one," she said.

Mrs Weatherstone said her husband had fostered children for 20 years before retiring, and didn't warrant such an inconvenience.

"I just think it's terrible to do that to him."

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