Producers snap up Bardool breeders

IN just over three hours yesterday, all 1350 head of breeding stock from the Bardool Station at Kangaroo Creek were sold at auction.

Buyers from all over the eastern states attended and set what the vendor, adventurer and treasure hunter Mike Hatcher and selling agent John Pankhurst of Elders, thought was a very respectable price of an average $881 a head.

The sale included 140 angus and angus/hereford cows, 125 brahman/santa cows, 50 brangus cows, 647 brahman-cross cows, 50 charbray heifers, 110 brahman heifers, 150 brahman-cross heifers and 40 shorthorn heifers.

The top price, for a pen of 19 brangus cows with calves, was $1525 a head. The top price for a pen of 18 pregnancy-tested cows was for $1030 a head.

Mr Pankhurst said the sale created a lot of interest. "A lot of buyers travelled a long way and a lot went home empty-handed."

The Bardool Station, at Kangaroo Creek, was comprised of three separate properties, all of which sold recently to the one buyer.

Mr Pankhurst said he could not disclose the sale price, and was not aware of the new owner's intentions for the property.

"They are going to have a lot of stocking to do," he said.

Bardool Station manager Fred Winkley and his wife Lisa will remain on the property in their current roles for the immediate future.

Mr Winkley, an employee on the 9000-acre property for the past seven years, said it would be sad to see it change hands but acknowledged that the sale was an inevitability of the business of running a large station.

A clearance sale of the station's plant and machinery is to be held on site tomorrow.

Mr Pankhurst said Moy and Darby's 40th annual sale, featuring 2000 head, would be held next Thursday.

Some vendors, he said, had been to every sale for the past 40 years.

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