Racist?attack alleged



WHILE the Melbourne Cup created a piece of Australian sporting history last Tuesday night, for one Yamba resident it brought horror after she was bashed in a vicious 'racist' assault.

The woman was forced to spend three nights in the Maclean District Hospital suffering from countless cuts and bruises after she was set upon in an unprovoked attack.

"I have bruises on my feet, my knees, my shins, my hips, the tops of my thighs, shoulders, fingers and the backs of my hands," she said.

"I've also got a black eye, a split lip that looks like I've got a golf ball for a lip and I'm still lying in bed with ice packs on my skull.

"Plus I've got some tissue damage in my shoulder."

The victim and a group of friends had just left the Pacific Hotel late on the night November 1 when the incident occurred outside the Star of the Sea Retreat and Conference Centre.

A male friend of the victim became embroiled in an argument with another man, and when she intervened, she was pushed to the ground.

It was then when things turned ugly. According to the victim, she was allegedly punched from behind by an indigenous woman while she was on the ground.

The woman claimed that she was then assaulted with multiple blows to the face.

She said she was also hit by a car in which her assailant was leaving the scene. It was being driven by another man.

"I got off the ground and was bumped by the car that they were driving," she said.

"They hit me with their car on my hip and I got knocked to the ground again."

After stumbling to the Yamba Police Station unaided, the woman was taken to the Maclean and District Hospital by Yamba ambulance officers.

She was released on Friday November 4.

Ambulance officers said when they arrived at the Yamba Police Station they found the woman lying on the grass.

They said the woman admitted she had been drinking during the day and appeared intoxicated.

Ambulance officers said she suffered multiple cuts and bruises to her face, shoulders and knees, as well as swelling to her lower lip.

The victim said she believed it was a racially-motivated attack.

"It was very racial her attack on me, calling me very vulgar things like 'you white c...'," she said.

"It was very racial, so I'm a victim of racial prejudice.

"This is not just assault, it's worse. This girl, I mean, God."

With events like this happening in Yamba more frequently, the woman said something needed to be done.

"This is the third or fourth time now this has happened to an innocent bystander and it needs to be addressed," she said.

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