Rebel yell

ON Sunday the South Grafton Rebels travelled to Cudgen.

The Under-18 game did not do us any justice there seemd to be some moments were the lads had it together playing, but with a combination of a lot of drop balls, uncompleted sets of six even a lack of communication they were not playing to the best of their abilities.

Also a injury early in the match saw the lads without one of their key players Tim (Hindmarsh) Tilse.

The scoreline was not a pretty site with the Rebels being stung by the Hornets 44-0.

n IN the reserve grade game with only 10 senior players, our juniors had to step up the mark and show their support.

We had nine juniors sit on the bench. Four started the game: Josh Burton, Shane Cropper, Dale Eamens Junior and Luke Walker.

The other five off the bench were: Daniel Bligh, Jacob Webb, Luke Sullivan, Dave Fernando and Dwayne Randall.

All of these lads played to their full potential and showed plenty of spirit.

With the two old fellas Scott Cooper making a number of breaks and Sully's recruitment new comer to the Rebels, Terry Slis, showing plenty of leadership on the paddock -- bear in mind there is 77 years between them -- all the other lads were following in their footsteps taking the ball forward and backing each other up.

The Rebels held Cudgen out for the first 20 minutes, but once they scored they had the taste.

We went into the second half scoreless but with two tries and one conversion put us on 10 points.

Tim (Hindmarsh) Tilse quite excited about the second try had us all back in the game. Or at least he thought so.

Just to mention one of the stand out players for the reseve grade game Under-18 player Shane Cropper never played fullback before showed his talent and has added another position to his game. And not forgetting to mention our winger Bruce (Manilla Gorilla) Bowling putting in a few solid hits off and on the field.

It is very rewarding to see a team that is getting defeated on the scoreboard each week donot lose their sense of humour and continue to enjoy the game all putting in 100 per cent and play for the love of the game.

I think that in the country majority of the players have not yet looked at the big picture and that is rugby league is a game like every other sport you play because you want to play and the rewards will be greater than money can offer re: friendships and the future for your club to survive.

Next Sunday the first local derby against South Grafton Rebels and Grafton Ghosts will take place at McKittrick Park with kick off at midday.

? Janita Cooper.

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