Reward offered to catch thieves

RICK FIRTH may have lost stock worth thousands of dollars after his Grafton shop was twice broken into this week, but he is still willing to offer $1000 for information that could lead to the arrest of those responsible.

Sometime in the early hours of Monday night thieves smashed their way into his Consign and Sell store in Pound Street before making off with what he estimates to be more than $10,000 worth of goods.

It was the second night in a row his shop had been targeted, with thieves breaking into the store on Sunday night and stealing $300 from a cash tin.

But those responsible for Monday night's break-in appeared to know what they were looking for, with more than 100 DVDs, music CDs and game discs stolen.

Mr Firth said the thieves used a wheelie bin to haul some of the goods away ? items which also included DVD players, gas and welding equipment, watches, a samurai sword and a 51-inch flatscreen television, taken from its display cabinet.

This week's break-ins were the first Mr Firth has had since moving his trading company to its new premises in Pound Street 10 weeks ago, but not the first of that scale.

He lost $20,000 worth of gear after a break-in at his old North Street business.

Mr Firth said police forensic officers had found three reliable fingerprints at the crime scene, but hoped his $1000 incentive for information would help identify those involved and lead to the recovery of some of the property.

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