'Rocket? ban



THE pocket bike (AKA pocket rocket) is a daring type of miniature motorcycle that, if ridden on streets, may cost drivers fines of up to $1500.

Grafton Police Sergeant Patrick Swift has seen a rise in their usage over the past six-12 months.

This is due to the increase in cheap Chinese imports bringing down prices to below $500.

"Often people are not told that the bikes are illegal when ridden on streets or in shopping centre carparks," Sgt Swift said.

"Basically what you have is a vehicle that cannot be licensed or registered due to its failure to meet Australian design standards."

The bikes, which were invented in Japan, can only be lawfully ridden on private property.

Although mostly bought off the the internet, T&G Mowers and Power Supplies of Grafton did sell them, but have stopped for now because of the legality issues.

Some motorcycle stores refuse to repair the bikes due to their poor engineering.

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