Sexual assault in stairwell alleged


Teenage girl lured by promise of a smoke, police tell District Court A TEENAGE girl appeared at the Grafton Police Station distraught after telling police 'a fat Aboriginal man' had lured her into a Shoppingworld stairwell and pulled her pants down, a jury in Grafton District Court heard yesterday.

The man who the Crown now alleges attacked the girl, 22-year-old Shane Anthony Hookey, has pleaded not guilty to four charges of indecent assault and one of sexual intercourse without consent.

Hookey's trial entered its second day as witnesses for the Crown gave evidence to the court.

The court's morning session was closed to the public as the alleged teenage victim gave evidence relating to the assault which she claimed occurred at Grafton's Shoppingworld on the afternoon of February 25 last year.

In evidence led by Crown Prosecutor Nicolas Harrison, Detective Senior Constable Tony King said the victim had told police shortly after the alleged attack, that a fat Aboriginal man had offered her a smoke before pushing her through a fire exit door.

Det Sen Const King told the court that he had accompanied the girl to the alleged crime scene later that afternoon, and she pointed out an area where she claimed to have wiped semen from her hand as she left the stairwell's top exit.

Det Snr Cst King told the court a DNA sample taken from the area by forensic investigators had been matched to a DNA sample taken from Hookey by police.

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The court also heard that the results of a medical examination of the alleged victim at the Queen Street Medical Centre shortly after the incident took place, had been inconclusive.

Shoppingworld employee Maxwell 'Kelvin' Quinilivan told the Crown he had banged twice on the fire exit door and shouted a warning before entering to find Hookey and the alleged victim both naked from the waste down. Mr Quinilivan said he saw the girl look away from him as she tried to pull her top down and Hookey bent over trying to pull his pants up.

Mr Quinilivan said he left the area to get his manager, Greg Hayes, before returning to the stairwell about 90 seconds later to find the pair gone.

He said he and Mr Hayes called Hookey over to ask him what was going on after spotting him on a pushbike near the loading dock of the top carpark a short time later. Mr Quinilivan told the court Hookey said 'I didn't do nothing wrong, I only went down there cause she wanted it'.

Hookey's defence counsel, Sandra O'Campo, questioned Mr Quinilivan's recollection of events under cross-examination. She put to Mr Quinilivan that Hookey had said to him 'I was having a bit of loving'.

Mr Quinilivan replied that he either didn't hear Hookey use those words or could not recall them being said.

She asked Mr Quinilivan why he had left out details of banging on the door and seeing the girl look away from him in a statement of facts he gave to police after the incident. Mr Quinilivan said he either thought it was irrelevant or forgot to tell them, but Ms O'Campo suggested to him that he was adding the details in order to bolster his evidence.

The trial continues today.

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