Shock, horror! John cops it


MACLEAN resident John Hansell reckons he knows what it's like to sit in the electric chair.

On Friday morning he was watching the storm clean-up operation from the verandah of his Church Street home when he got a shock from a rogue spark from a telegraph wire.

"I was standing on the front verandah holding the railings just watching what was going on and there was a fella with his tipper pulling down branches," he said.

"The next minute he hit the overhead high tension wire and I saw this big blue flash and I noticed it coming along the power lines towards my place.

"It ran down the telephone line and shorted out on our awning and onto the rail that I was holding.

"I got booted right backwards through the door and into the lounge room."

Mr Hansell said the feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced.

"Everything just went solid ? all my arms and legs went solid and I couldn't move them," he said. "They felt like they were set in concrete, that's all I can remember.

"It hurt like hell and I ended up afterwards with a head ache right across the tops of my eyes, it was like a solid block of pain."

Mr Hansell said he called the Maclean ambulance and was taken to the Maclean District Hospital, where he was placed on a heart monitor and put under observation for a few hours before being release on Friday afternoon.

He was philosophical about the experience and what could have happened, he even bought a lottery ticket the next day.

"I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but you can't help bad luck," he said.

"I'm just lucky to be alive, I could be six feet under by now ? it was a shocking moment."

And even though he is fully recovered and back to full health, Mr Hansell said he would forever be wary of those rails.

"I won't touch the handrails anytime soon, I've got a phobia against them now," he laughed.

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