Some dire predictions for Yamba

THE contentious stalemate between some landowners and the Clarence Valley Council over preferred lot sizes for new housing in West Yamba was expected to generate heated debate at a public meeting on Thursday.

But those who believe the recommendation by council staff to limit development to 10 lots per hectare is too conservative, declined to use the public forum at the Treelands Drive Community Centre to air their grievances.

The divisive issue of lot sizes may have been at the core of the disagreement over west Yamba's future, but it was the predicted pressure on Yamba's sewerage system and doubts over flood assessments that took centre stage.

Yamba resident and long-time opponent of development in West Yamba, Gary Whale, received applause after warning the 30 attendees of the dangers of crowding too many people into new homes in West Yamba.

"At the moment we are just coping with the permanent popula- tion," he said.

"When it comes to holiday time, the sewage treatment plant, despite the magnificent work the guys do down there, ..., is just coping but not in holiday periods.

"Now, if we've got 11,000 (people) as the maximum and we suddenly want to put another 2000 people there, it can't cope.

"We'll drown in our own waste if we extend the number beyond the 2500 recommended (by council staff).

"You can argue all you like, but 11,000 is all we can cope with."

Another resident, Steve Baker, told the meeting he felt council's approach to studying the potential for flooding in West Yamba had been inadequate.

He had already made seven of the nine councillors aware of his concerns during the afternoon site inspections that had taken place prior to the meeting.

Stakeholders will await the final decision on the draft plan for West Yamba from councillors during their meeting on November 22.

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