Standing out from the crowd


UNIVERSITY students often adopt the attitude that a pass mark and copious drinking will get them a degree.

But former McAuley Catholic College student Murray Lane, pictured, had different ideas. With an impressive grade point average of above 6.5 on a 7-point scale, the Griffith University environmental planning student recently graduated with first class honours, and was awarded one of just two university medals for outstanding academic excellence presented to members of his course.

"I thought I might get one because they agreed I had performed pretty well ... but it was a pretty good experience to get it," he said.

"It was good to stand out from the crowd because they don't give many of the medals out."

While you might assume that Murray concentrated solely on academic pursuits to get his outstanding results, the reality was quite different.

"I worked all through uni, mainly in hospitality. I pretty much supported myself, but I suppose I'm good at staying up late ? whether it's in front of a computer or with a beer at the pub."

Murray's father, Brian Lane, said he was 'very proud' of his son's achievements.

"We were blown away. It was great to see him being recognised for all the hard work he'd done," Brian said.

"When he got up there he got a big cheer ? particularly from us and from some of his friends who were in the crowd as well. It was a really special moment."

Murray, who is currently employed at the Gold Coast City Council as a town planner, said it was a love of architecture and a belief that cities need to be more sustainable that drew him to the degree.

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