Stray arrow leaves ?roo with a raw hide

DURING his two decades as owner of Yamba's Aston Villa Motor Inn, Mark Aston had never seen anything like it.

On April 11, Mr Aston called Clarence Valley Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES) to rescue a kangaroo with an arrow through its anus.

The animal was one of more than 30 local eastern grey kangaroos which often grazed west of his Mulgi Street business.

Clarence Valley Council ranger Neville Frost helped capture the injured kangaroo.

"It was in the paddock near the hotel and had an arrow through its anus; there is no other way of putting it," he said.

He tranquillised the animal before taking it to Dr Anton Sluyters at Yamba Veterinary Clinic.

"Dr Sluyters examined the animal and took the arrow out, it was quite easy to slip through," Mr Frost said.

He said he thought the arrow may have been shot from a long bow.

"I wasn't very nice, the poor kangaroo, it was trying to get the arrow out," Mr Frost said.

"You could see it had gone straight across the anal area, it didn't go up."

Mr Frost said even with the arrow head broken off, the arrow measured 45.72 centimetres in length.

? Leigh Pritchard.

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