Barry Clarke
Barry Clarke

Street with no name

By Adrian Miller

Woombah resident Barry Clarke does not know the name of the road on which he lives.

Normally this would not bother him.

But because he has had to call an ambulance twice in the last six weeks, and on both occasions they couldn't find his street, he believes it could endanger someone's life.

"Because I get heart palpitations, I ring the ambulance, but they can't find me," he said.

"I can't tell them what the name of the street is, so I have to drive myself to hospital."

Mr Clarke said he gave his address as Adams Street because part of his four-and-a-half acre block overlaps on to the street, but the front of his house faces onto the unnamed road.

He said there were at least three ways to access Adams Street, which only added to the confusion.

The situation was so bad, he said, residents of the street could not wait in their homes after calling an ambulance.

"My landlord collapsed here one day and I had to go up onto the main road and wait for them so they could find where to come to," he said.

"The people who live on the third part, where you get onto Adams Street, they've had to call an ambulance there as well, and they go up to the fire station to wait for the ambulance."

Clarence Valley Council planning and environment director Rob Donges said council had to wait for approval from the Department of Lands before it could name the road because it was on crown land.

He said approval had been granted, and council was waiting for the signs to be made before it could erect them.

Mr Donges said council should have the signs within 10 days, and Adams Street signs would be put up shortly after that.

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