Surfers dump on wave rules


LOWER River boardriders have slammed warnings from surfing officials that surfer behaviour could eventually be monitored by police patrols.

Central Coast surf groups and safety officials have joined a working group charged with formulating a code of surfing rules for a government-backed pilot program.

It is expected that when complete the code would be taught in surf and primary schools to help prevent outbreaks of surf rage.

An article in The Sun-Herald last Sunday detailed that if the code failed, 'there could eventually be government legislation enforcing surfer behaviour with police surf patrols to enforce it'.

Maclean-based surfer Daniel Ross says the idea of legislated surfing rules regulated surfer behaviour with police is 'ridiculous'.

"I'd be against supporting anything that would end up having an outcome like police patrols," he said.

"If there was a small drama in the water at Angourie or Spooky and there had to be someone patrolling the beach for the next week or month or whatever because of these laws ... that is something I wouldn't want it to come to."

The 2003 Australasian Pro Junior Circuit winner said that for many surfers being able to escape from the rigours of everyday life was what surfing was all about.

"For me ever since I was a young kid if I was having a nightmare of a day, I would drop everything and go for a surf and try to find somewhere by myself," he said.

"It'd be totally different if there were people there trying to tell you what to do or what not to do."

Angourie surfer, David 'Baddy' Treloar said he agreed in principle with what surf groups were trying to achieve but said enforcing a code would be almost impossible.

"Anything they try to do to get some order in the water is fantastic but ... they're going to have a hell of a time putting it into place," he said.

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