ABC science presenter, Rachael Kohn
ABC science presenter, Rachael Kohn

Tackling life?s mysteries

THE prospect of life on other planets and what that means for religion will be explored as part of the International Philosophy, Science and Theology Festival on June 23.

ABC radio presenter Rachael Kohn will host the discussion at Roches Hotel in Grafton from 6.30pm, and will be joined by theologian Dr Mark Worthing and astronomer Matthew Colless.

They will explore questions like: how would religion deal with finding life on Mars?; were the big bang and the creation just two words for the same loud pop?

A spokesman for the festival said space had always made people wonder about the meaning of life beyond everyday existence.

"But as we probe further into the universe with powerful telescopes and mathematical equations, do we recede further from a concept of God and a mysterious divine, or are we drawing closer?," he said.

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