Teams to return for doubles fun

THE inaugural Yamba 4 Play Squash Doubles was such a huge successthat many players, particularly the Sydney teams, have promised to returnnext year and bring more teams with them.

Many teams went to a lot of trouble and got themselves sponsors for their shirts, making for a colourfultournament.

It was the local teams that dominated the finals. Div. 5 was anall-Yamba affair with the ladies in pink defeating the ladies in red.

Forthe Pink team there was Bev Mansfield and Lenneke Serjeant, who won 3-0 over Kerry Hulm and Marg Deguara.

In Div. 4 the local Book Warehouse team of Julie Campbell and Janine Zietsch defeated the young girls from Kempsey 2-1.

Two Yamba teams fought out Div. 3. The Raffles Rule team of Terry Raffles and Sue Pilley overcame the hard hitting G.G team of Gary Ellbourn and Graeme Reeves. Raffles Rules won 2-1.

It was Yamba versus Maclean in Div. 2.

Yamba's Cement Creations team of Tony McFarlane and Kevin Duncan had a bit more fitness and youth over the Maclean team of Andy Potter and John Doust. Yamba won 2-1.

Team Karakal, of Yamba, made the final of Div. 1. Steve Pilley and Kyle Lawler found it tough going against the Brisbane team in the floral shirts. The Brisbaneboys won 2-1.

There were 27 teams altogether competing in five divisions with seven squash clubs represented.

Yamba topped with 10 teams, then there were teams from Ballina, Kempsey, Sydney, Brisbane, Grafton and Maclean.

It was a times tournament which had all matches running on time. Each match consisted of 3x12 minute games with a 90 second break in between.

It was surprising how long 12 minutes can drag on for.

A few major sponsors came to the party to help promote thistournament as this is a first for NSW. Karakal, Yamba Bowling Club, Clarence Press, Aston Villa Motor Inn and Professionals Real Estate.

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