Sue Passmore
Sue Passmore

Telstra cuts Clarence jobs


THREE of Telstra's field technician positions in the Clarence catchment are being axed as part of a company redeployment strategy.

Telstra Countrywide's general manager Sue Passmore said a total of 19 redundancies were being offered to staff on the North Coast, three of which were from the Clarence catchment, which included staff from Evans Head to Nymboida.

Telstra had sought voluntary redundancies for the three Clarence field technician roles, each of which, Ms Passmore believed, had already been taken up by workers.

Ms Passmore said the move to cut 207 jobs across country NSW was a move Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo announced in 2005.

"This is part of the announcement made by Sol Trujillo as CEO in November last year, around company transformation where he said there would be between 10 to 12,000 jobs to go over a fiveyear period," Ms Passmore said.

"As the company is transforming and going through changes in technology, this is part of that redeployment strategy.

"At end of the day, technology is changing and Telstra is in a transformation, to en- able it to continue to improve service delivery across all gamuts of business."

Ms Passmore said the company was introducing a new '3G mobile network', which would involve broadband, video streaming and phone services going through the mobile network.

She said changes to technology would mean 'a different type of workforce' for Telstra.

Ms Passmore failed to detail how the job cuts would affect service delivery to the North Coast.

However, she said an independent study of Telstra service delivery in the March quarter of 2006 showed service activation in NSW was at 96 per cent, while repair times stood at 93 per cent.

"Now they're up with the best in the world," Ms Passmore said.

"Business is changing and we as a company need to be competitive."

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