Terror in the park


A GANG of youths threatened to kill a child and terrorised two families during a barbecue at Prince Street's Jacaranda Park on Saturday, according to two women.

Tracy, a 29-year-old mother of two from Mountainview and South Grafton mum Renee, who has a three-year-old girl, also allege their children were coerced with lollies to run away with the gang of four boys.

The women, who did not want to be fully identified for fear of reprisals, say the incident left their children crying hysterically and visibly shaken.

The grandmother of the threeyear-old girl, Jennie Harrison said the gang of kids, aged between 11 and 13, were loitering around the park using foul language and carrying on without parents for hours.

Tracy said she first noticed the group of kids just after 4pm when they began hanging around her parked car.

The group of boys then moved over to the playground where the two women's children were playing.

"One of my boys came over and said he'd been offered lollies to run away from us," Tracy said.

Renee said that soon after, her daughter let out a scream.

"We heard a high-pitched scream, so we walked over, Tracy picked her up and she said 'mummy those naughty boys said they were going to kill me," Renee said.

The women said that although police were called there was little they could do. Both Tracy and Renee are angered that a group of young kids had turned the park into a no-go zone.

"Where are we suppose to take the children to play, there's no other park in the area that's as well-equipped and safe for children," Tracy said.

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