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Shane's on a roll

CLARENCE Valley sports lovers could have plenty to cheer about at next year's Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

It is possible the Valley could have as many as three representatives.

Only injury will stop Australian hockey captain Brent Livermore from being in Melbourne and former Yamba squash sensation Cameron Pilley is a strong chance of making the Australian team for the Games if he continues his rapid rise up the world rankings.

And on current form former South Grafton lawn bowler Shane Globits can clear his March 2006 diary because he will be required in Australia's sporting capital as well.

Globits this week claimed victory in the $30,000 Helensvale Grand Prix. The 28-year-old has now won all of Bowls Australia's major singles titles this year including the Australian Open in March and the Australian SuperSingles in April.

That's impressive by anyone's standards.

So keep up the good work Shane, you are doing the Valley proud.Border cross

STORIES from the Grafton Bullrouts' trip to the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival in the United States city of San Diego are beginning to filter through.

One of the best involves a trip south of the border to Tijuana.

On a rest day of the week-long festival, around 3000 Golden Oldies made the two-hour round trip to a resort just outside Tijuana for a day of drinking, eating and being merry.

As one Bullrout said, 'the day lent itself to a lot of drinking'.

When it was time to get back on the bus for the journey home, the Bullrouts decided to take the drinking up a notch.

What they didn't take into account was that they had to pass through customs to get back into the United States. One Bullrout in particular, BB, had a particularly good time at the resort.

As he approached customs, he had a Bullrout teammate either side of him helping him move, and another holding his passport.

The customs officer had his head down when BB's passport landed on his desk. He looked up and noticed BB was finding it difficult to remain upright.

'Has he had too much to drink?', the officer asked.

'No, he's just not feeling well', one of BB's offsiders replied.

BB was allowed through and was carried back onto the bus.

On arrival at the hotel, BB's condition had deteriorated and his helpers did not know which room he was staying in. So they did what any of us would do, they sat him up against a pole in a garden.

The following day in 'kangaroo court', BB was charged with impersonating a garden gnome.

Boys will be boys.

Hard Aker

TDF is not a fan of Brisbane Lions midfielder Jason Akermanis ? his off-field persona anyway ? but felt compelled to mention his exploits against Geelong last Sunday.

Playing in atrocious conditions ? it rained heavily for most of the afternoon ? Akermanis kicked two astonishing goals on the run from deep in the forward pocket. He kicked five for the match and racked up 35 possessions.

It was a truly remarkable performance.

Akermanis is one of those rare athletes that makes the sublime appear effortless.

So Aker, take a bow.

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