Thieves raid Royal


THE Royal Hotel at South Grafton was broken into in the early hours of Saturday morning with thieves running off with nearly $4000 worth of goods and cash.

According to hotel owner Peter McCann, the thieves struck sometime between two and five Saturday morning.

"The cleaner came in and woke me up and said we've been broken into ? well, it doesn't put a real nice feeling in your throat," he said.

Mr McCann said there was no subtly to the robbery, with the thieves hurling a brick through the glass front door to gain entry.

"They tried to get in through the louvres in the top window, but they couldn't so they just grabbed a brick and smashed the front door," he said.

Mr McCann said spirits and tobacco worth more than $3500 were stolen, as well as cash from charity donation tins, tip jars and football tipping competitions.

He said the hotel would be stuck with the loss because it was not worth claiming back through insurance due to the excess and an increase in premi- ums.

"The only thing you can do is wear it," he said.

nMEANWHILE, Yamba police have questioned three juveniles over a fire which was started in the change rooms at Yamba Oval early yesterday morning.

According to police, the three people admitted to being in the change rooms at the time of the fire, but said they did not start it.

The Yamba Fire Brigade was called to the scene around 6.30am, and extinguished the blaze soon afterwards.

Minimal damage was caused.

Police said they were continu- ing their investigations.

nA YAMBA house is lucky to still be standing after a fire broke out early yesterday afternoon, according to Yamba Fire Brigade captain Allan Brooks.

Capt Brooks said only the quick actions of a passer-by who noticed the fire, broke into the house and extinguished it with a hose, saved the building from extensive damage.

He said the brigade arrived on the scene just after noon, at which stage the fire was already out. No-one was injured in the blaze. The owners were not home and only minor damage was caused to the kitchen.

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